What is One Church?

The One Church Campaign is a spiritual and financial process that will grow us closer to the heart of God and help take us to the next step in ensuring our facility can meet the demands of church growth.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the One Church Campaign from Lead Pastor, Matt Oxley.  

Why are we doing the one church campaign?

Since moving to our permanent facility in November of 2014, The Creek has experienced tremendous growth. Average weekend attendance has grown by well over 100%. More importantly, lives are being changed by the message of Jesus! Each weekend, people commit or renew their commitment to follow Christ. God continues to bring people to The Creek who are seeking an authentic relationship with God and other believers.  

Children's Space

Four large classrooms along the west side of the facility will create more environments for children to establish their faith. These rooms will also double as adult learning and community spaces during the week.  Finally, one room will be used to accommodate The Creek's Journey Track classes that are designed to help people connect with God and grow deeper in their faith.


Increased lobby space along the south side of the building which will provide a place for authentic community and

life-change to happen.