Summer Adult bible studies

We're so excited for our Summer Bible Studies kick off! The studies will begin on Wednesday, June 23rd at 7:00pm. Attendees to the women's study will have the option to participate in-person or online via Zoom. Childcare is offered for the Wednesday studies only and is very limited. Check out this page for more information, and register HERE.

  • Women's Study: Wednesday Nights at 7:00pm

    Do you long to know what a truly transformed life feels like? Every reference to a healthy spiritual life in Scripture is dependent on putting God first, so why do we struggle with it? In this study, "Jesus Over Everything", Lisa Whittle challenges us to put Jesus over everything in everyday application and see what really happens. Because only when He is first do we know what a truly transformed life feels like.

  • Men's Study: Wednesday Nights at 7:00pm

    Struggling with Judgement is a six-part film series written and presented by vicar, David Ingall, grappling with one of the biggest issues that Christians struggle with today - how a God of love can also be a God of judgement. David takes us on a journey through Britain and the Bible as we explore how what the Bible says about judgement may actually be a good thing.