International Missions

Alongside annually scheduled mission trips each month, a percentage of everything given to The Creek Church goes to several international and US based missions groups including:

Africa New Life

Africa New Life exists to break the cycle of poverty in Rwanda by providing education, spiritual insight and basic necessities to poor children and families. Since 2001, Africa New Life has shared the gospel using two hands: the hand of compassion helping to meet basic needs and give hope for the future to those living in poverty in Rwanda and the hand of evangelism sharing the freedom and hope found in Christ.

Europe Missionaries Sebastian and Erin Vazquez

Seba and Erin live in the suburbs of London with their mission field being all of Europe. Through their efforts and partnership with The Creek, Seba and Erin serve as trainers for over 400 personnel in more than 70 cities of Europe. As trainers, Seba and Erin work to help all missionaries feel encouraged, equipped, and engaged in their work.

Manna Worldwide

Manna is on a mission to rescue children from poverty.  In partnership with Manna, Creek teams have spent time in Nicaragua bolstering pastors and building churches that become centers of compassion in their community.

Light Madrid

Madrid is a city where generation after generation have worshipped at the feet of failed religion, failed political systems and failed humanism. Less than 1% of those living in Madrid profess a relationship with Christ.  Light Madrid exists to bring the truth of the Gospel to these people.

Andhra Pradesh (Southeast India)

Far Corners Ministry focuses on Bringing Life, Light, and Hope to the Far Corners of the World. Far Corners is called to work with orphans, widows, and lepers, providing food, medical attention, and the love of Christ in this region.